Hi, I’m Jollygirl, a tween-aged introvert who likes to be as optimistic as she can! I’m a bookaholic, an aspiring poet, a musician, and a blogger! I’m one of those people who values kindness as an important trait and always strives to be kind. I try to find a lesson in life every time a moment happens and I try to look on the bright side of things (even though sometimes I can't). 

I want to make a difference in this world w one of the reasons why I started blogging to make my voice heard and make a difference. 

As being a lover of writing, I am a lover of books. The past summer I haven't been finding books that I like. I want to help other girls with this problem because I know it is so annoying. So.... here I am!
I also blog at Reflections of a Jolly Girl and would love if you dropped by!!! You can contact me at

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