Hi y'all! Hannah here! Thanks so much for checking out my page! Now for about me!:)

My name is Hannah. I'm a teenage girl who loves my God who I try to live for each and everyday! I also love reading, photography, writing, baking, gardening, music, blogging, my family, and friends! My goal is to become an author and change the world through my writing! I'm  really excited about this blog! I love how in books I'm able to go to another world and forget the craziness of life and pretend I'm the one living in the book! I can't wait to give y'all some awesome book reviews so you can read some great books that appropriate, but still have an amazing story!:D I'm always struggling to find good books to read. I'm hoping through this blog me and some amazing girls will be able to help y'all find good books as well! I hope y'all have a great experience through this blog Thanks for viewing!<3 

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