This is moi at the Hay Book Festival

I'm Bethan. I'm 15 years old with greeny-grey-brown eyes and curly brown hair that often falls out of it's braid, as you can see in the picture above. I'm a little bit crazy, a lot socially awkward and a hopeless giggler. I'm a Christian, a perfectionist, a slightly extroverted introvert and a blogger that hands out smiley faces freely. :) I like to play the piano, draw and spend far too much time on the internet watching Netflix. I'm a wanna-be author, a daydreamer and a complete bookworm.

Books help me escape from reality when reality isn't so great. Which is why I love them so much. I love finding new books to read and I'd really like to help other girls find books with amazing story lines and brilliant characters for them to enjoy. Which is why I joined this blog. I hope you enjoy. :)


Check out my individual blog below. :)
Think. Read. Write. Dream.


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