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I'm Aliah. Thank you for clicking my page on this wonderful blog. :)

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I'm a girl who becomes a bit crazy once in awhile, especially when I'm with my friends.
I'm a wanna-be author, pianist, actress, student, friend, daughter, fangirl, potterhead, baker, artist, perfectionist,  jeweler, blogger, crafter, seamstress, photographer, and of course, a complete bookworm.
I'm also a procrastinator who spends far to much time on the internet as well as a daydreamer, a hoper and a wisher.

I love to read books, especially unique ones, and I want to help other readers find great books to read also. That's why I joined this blog. I hope you enjoy the book reviews we girls post, recommending different books belonging to different genres. I also wish that you will read some of these books and recommend them to others. :) (See what I meant about being a hoper and a wisher? ;)
Read on!

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