May 13, 2015

Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff

Hello Readers!
Anna here, bringing you a book review about one of my recent reads...Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff. 
Mila has an exceptional talent for reading a room—sensing hidden facts and unspoken emotions from clues that others overlook. So when her father’s best friend, Matthew, goes missing from his upstate New York home, Mila and her beloved father travel from London to find him. She collects information about Matthew from his belongings, from his wife and baby, from the dog he left behind and from the ghosts of his past—slowly piecing together the story everyone else has missed. But just when she’s closest to solving the mystery, a shocking betrayal calls into question her trust in the one person she thought she could read best. 
-via Goodreads
I really enjoyed this book.  It talks about some pretty deep (and even kind of dark) stuff, but it was beautifully written.  
Over-all age rating- Definitely a young adult book, I'd say 14-15 and up and kind of PG.
Romance- There was definitely some romance in here...but not so much love and kisses as it was relationships falling apart.  This is part of the reason I rated it PG 14.
Violence- None.
Language- Some language.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Hmm I've never heard of this book before! I'll have to check it out.

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