October 14, 2014

Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier

There are many mysteries within the wildwood. Jena and her sisters share the biggest of all, a fantastic secret that enables them to escape the confines of their everyday life in rural Transylvania. They have kept it hidden for nine long years.
When their father falls ill and must leave their forest home over the winter, Jena and her oldest sister Tati are left in charge. All goes well until a tragic accident allows their over bearing cousin Cezar to take control. The appearance of a mysterious young man in a black coat divides sister from sister, and suddenly Jena finds herself fighting to save all she holds dear. With her constant companion Gogu by her side, she must venture to realms dark and perilous in her quest to preserve, not just those she loves, but her own independence as well.

Romance: 4 out of 5. It's a rewritten fairy tale. Love is the main thing. Don't worry, it's not over the top!
Violence:  3 out of 5. There isn't that much, but there is a small bit, like a few deaths and fights. Nothing bad though
Language: 1 out of 5. There isn't anything that I can remember, but there was a few bits which really young kids wouldn't want to read though.
Age: 11 or 12 +. Younger could read it, but they wouldn't enjoy it that much.

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  1. Cool! I'll have to check that book out!:)

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