October 19, 2014

Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty
Two boys – a slow learner 

stuck in the body of a teenage 

giant and a tiny Einstein in 

leg braces – forge a unique 

friendship when they pair up 

to create one formidable 

human force. -Taken from goodreads

Freak the Mighty is a wonderful book. You'll love the characters and the mighty combination of Maxwell and Kevin. You'll learn about they're adventures and how they helped each other out so much. The end almost had me crying...

Star Rating: Definitely 5 stars
Violence: 3 out of 5. Maxwell's dad is a criminal so...
Language: 1 out of 5. I don't believe that there was any language in this.
Age: 11 or 12 and up
Romance: 1 out of 5

So, please take time to read this book. And, if you do tell me your thoughts on either this post or through email. :-)

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