September 04, 2014

The Healer's Apprentice

Hi y'all! Hannah here! I'm going to do a review for The Healer's Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson.


In this historical romance loosely based on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, a woodcutter's daughter becomes the town healer's apprentice. Rose's job is to care for the sick and injured in Hagenheim Castle. But she gets sick at the sight of blood and is more suited to making up stories than sewing up wounds. She is determined to overcome her weakness and prove herself a competent healer, or she faces marrying a disgusting old merchant her mother has picked out for her.

Lord Hamlin, the future ruler of the region, is injured and Rose must overcome her squeamishness to save him. He is everything that is noble and good, but loving him is forbidden. He is already betrothed to a mysterious woman in hiding.

With two noble-born brothers vying for her affections, Rose learns that the people of Hagenheim are not always who they seem.

My Own Review-

This is a great book! It's one of my FAVORITE books! Melanie Dickerson did a FANTASTIC job with this book! I felt like I was right in the midst of the story! Rose (the main character) is loyal, brave, and is a down to earth person which I LOVE about her! This book really gives you a look into the past! It's a Christian based book and has lots of bible verses in them! (which I LOVED!) But seriously this is one of my top favorite books! Also, this is a love story so you kind of need to like that kind of stuff to enjoy this book.  

Hope that was helpful! Now for the ratings-

Romance- Level-4
Violence- Level-2 
Language- Level-1
Age- Level-3

(With my Age rating I'm saying level 3 because it's rated YA (young adult) in my library. This is also my own opinion for this book.)

Hope y'all enjoyed!

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