September 19, 2014

Princess Academy

Hi y'all! Hannah here! I'm doing another book review! This one is about Princess Academy by Shannon Hale! This is one of my favorite books!  Here's the review:


High on the side of rocky Mount Eskel, far from the valleys where gardens are green and lush, where lowlanders make laws, Miri’s family has lived forever, pounding a living from the stone of the mountain itself. For as long as she can remember, Miri has dreamed of working alongside the other villagers in the quarries of her beloved mountainside. But Miri has never been allowed to work there, perhaps, she thinks, because she is so small.

Then word comes from the valley that the king's priests have divined Mount Eskel to be the home of the prince’s bride-to-be—the next princess. The prince himself will travel to the village to choose her, but first all eligible girls must attend a makeshift mountain academy to prepare themselves for royal lowlander life. 

At the school, Miri soon finds herself confronted by bitter competition among the girls and her own conflicting desires to be chosen by the prince. Yet when danger comes to the academy and threatens all their lives, it is Miri, named for a tiny mountain flower, who must find a way to save her classmates—and the one chance to leave the mountain each of them is determined to secure as her own.

From acclaimed author Shannon Hale comes the Newbery Honor-winning novel about would-be princesses and one small but determined girl's destiny.

My Own Review:

This is an amazing book! One of my favorites like I said earlier;) The girl in the book is an amazing character which Shannon Hale did an amazing job of creating! The girl, Miri, wants to fit in and be like the rest of the mountain girls so when the go to the Princess Academy she thinks she has what it takes to become the Princess.  Through all the tough times she thinks of all the things that she could help her family with if she became the Princess. I love how tied she is to her family with love, and kindness even though she thinks they don't love her.  It's such a sweet book!  I can NEVER put down this book!:D I myself rate it 5 stars!:)

I hope this was helpful! Now for the ratings!:)

Romance- Level 3 
Violence- Level 2  
Language- Level 1
Age-  Level 2

Hope y'all enjoyed!

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