September 19, 2014

Or Give Me Death by Ann Rinaldi

Aloha fantastic readers! It's Aliah with another book review!
Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite books: Or Give Me Death by Ann Rinaldi.

Patrick Henry, the famous statesman, has a secret: He keeps his wife in the cellar. Slowly losing her mind, Sarah Henry has become a danger to herself and her children. But daughter Anne has a secret of her own: she knows which child will inherit their mother's madness.

Told from the point of view of the Henry children, this compassionate tale explores the possibility that Patrick Henry's immortal cry of "Give me liberty, or give me death," which roused a nation to arms, was first spoken by his wife as she pleaded for her own freedom.  ~From Goodreads
I have read this book many times because of the amazing tale it tells. This book takes place during the start of the Revolutionary War and is over the period of 7 years.   
I love how it is told from the point of view of two sisters and how they both have secrets and problems. It is also a bit of a sad story because Sarah Henry is losing her mind, and now her children no longer really have a mother. However, the two oldest (Patsy and John) try their best to take care of the younger children and keep them out of of mischief.  

Overall, this book is one of the best books I've ever read and every time I read it I feel like I am reading it for the first time.  


Romance: Level 2- this book does have some romance due to the fact that the oldest daughter, Patsy, is engaged. 
Violence: Level 1- there really is hardly any violence even though the book is set in the start of a war.
Language: Level 1- there are is no cursing in this book at all.
Age: Level 2- this is only due to the fact that there is some romance.

I hope you all enjoyed and decide to read this book. :)


  1. That sounds so interesting! I really want to read it now! Great review!

  2. Great review, I'd love to read this!