September 13, 2014

Currently Reading...Ida B.

Hello Book Readers! Sophia here with her first post and book review. :) Yay! Right now I am currently Reading Ida B. by Katherine Hannigan. I'm on page 193 out of 246, so I'm not quite finished, but I'm going to review from where I am. Let's get started. 

Ida B Has the most amazing life. After kindergarten. After 2 whole weeks of Kindergarten at the local elementary school, she is sick of it. She wants to have fun. So now, she is home schooled. She runs around on Daddy's land, does some schoolwork with Mama, and plays with Daddy's old dog Rufus and their cat, Lulu. Until one day everything falls apart. Mama gets a lump of cancer, and she becomes ill. Daddy has to sell some land just to pay for mama's cancer bills. And worst of all, Ida B has to go to Elementary School for 4th Grade. Ida tries to scare away the people who bought her land, and it turns out that it is a girl from Ida's class! She calls Ida mean-but Ida doesn't care. Will Ida B be able to make everything normal again, or will her world come crashing down?

Romance- None at all.
Violence- Unless you are afraid of a little girl screaming, none.
On a scale of one to five, 5 all the way! 

Read a book soon!

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